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TCI - About Us

We are an Eco-Friendly company with the mission to meet the needs of a diversified clientele, providing the best cost-effective systems, addressing efficiency and sustainability by developing specialized solutions.

With more than 25 years of experience, we are specializing in engineering, construction, seawater desalination, potable water and wastewater treatments and solar energy systems providing specialized and superior quality equipments, spare parts and consumables.

TCI has been changing people’s lives. Our reputation, professionalism and expertise have been recognized in Baja Sur México.

Our commitment to our Clients is to become their best business partner.



1. Desalination Systems.
2. Wastewater Treatment Plants.
3. Ultrafiltration Systems.



1. Engineering, Residential and Commercial Projects.
2. Swimming Pools and Fountains.
3. Special Finishing floors and walkways.
4. Landscaping Works.
5. Cisterns and Septic Tanks.
6. Beach wells and Fresh Water Wells.
7. Machinery Rentals.
8. Construction Materials



1. Solar Panels.
2. Solar Power Systems.
( On Grid Solar Systems, Hybrid Storage Solar Systems and Off Grid Solar Systems).
3. Batteries.
4. Solar Inverters.
5. Solar Water Pump Systems.



1. Operation and Maintenance: Desalination Plants and Wastewater Treatment Plants.
2. Sale of Control Equipments, Pumping & Filtration Systems, Chemicals and Consumables.
3. Drinking Water Cisterns and Septic Tanks Cleaning.

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