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TCI - About Us

We are a company that was born in 2006 with the vision of changing the way of building and planning high-impact projects for people’s lives, with more than 14 years of experience, we specialize in the desalination of seawater, construction of projects and machinery rental.

Other aspects in which we have had influence have been, the creation of Solar Panels and sale of Chemical products.



1. Wastewater Treatment Plants
2. Sewage Treatment Plants
3. Ultrafiltration Systems



1. Engineering, Residential and Commercial Projects
2. Swimming Pools and Fountains
3. Special Finishing floors and walkways
4. Landscaping Works
5. Cisterns and Septic Tanks
6. Beach wells and Fresh Water Wells
7. Machinery Rentals
8. Construction Materials



1. Solar Panel
2. Solar Power Systems
( On Grid Solar Systems, Hybrid Storage Solar Systems and Off Grid Solar Systems)
3. Battery
4. Solar Inverter
5. Solar Water Pump System



1. Operation and Maintenance: Desalination Plants and Wastewater Treatment Plants
2. Sale of Control Equipment, Pumping & Filtration Systems, Chemicals and Consumables
3. Drinking Water Cisterns and Septic Tanks Cleaning

TCI - Clients

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